Sunday, 19 July 2009

Heather Mills 'clarifies' her qualifications

(From July 2009)

From Lady Mucca.... to Mrs Whippy - Observer

"So a few years ago I [Heather Mills] took a degree in nutrition and had to learn about biology and chemistry and all that stuff."

In March 2007, while appearing on the Larry King show in the US, Heather Mills told King that she was studying for "my exams in July, for my nutrition degree", at London's BNCH, the UK College of Nutrition and Health.

When I [Polly Vernon] ring the principal of the college to confirm this, she tells me that Mills completed a science foundation course in 2008, but that she did not receive a degree in nutrition from the college. I contact Mills' PR for clarification, they spend a couple of days trying to nail the details with Mills herself, then finally explain that while she hasn't secured her degree quite yet, she's working on it.